Sullerica Original


Optimal serving temperature 6 – 7 ° C.

Serve in a thin-walled glass, to capture all of its flavors and nuances correctly.



A golden blond Ale; it has a fresh aroma, with floral and citrus flavours.

The taste is mild at the beginning giving way to a moderate bitterness at the end, no taste of alcohol; It has a bitterness of 20 IBU and an alcohol content of 4.6% vol.. Carbonation by adding special sugars during second fermentation in the bottle.

Moderate head, high malt profile which can be perceived in the body of the ale.

Artisan brewed with german-style machinery, during the mashing we achieve a high content of non-fermentable sugars with a high charge of malts which gives our beers body and a low content of alcohol.

Fermentation process is slow and steady (due to the yeast we are using) and takes place at a controlled temperature.

Bottling and feeding of the yeast is followed by a maturing process under controlled temperature and, most important of all, light conditions.

“Sullerica Original” is made with malts from barley and wheat, three types of hops, yeast and spring water from Sóller, rosemary, lemon verbena and our orange blossoms, giving it it’s special flavour.