cerveza de Mallorca

Five beers,

five different styles,

“sullerica” 100%

Sullerica VALENTA,


petals, fresh and fun.

Sullerica VALENTA,

with rose petals,

fresh and fun.

cerveza de Mallorca

Sullerica ORIGINAL

A golden blond Ale

Fresh aroma, with floral flavour

cerveza de Mallorca

Sullerica FOSCA

Dark-brown ale

Cocoa-aroma and toasted flavour

cerveza de Mallorca

Sullerica BLANCA

Wheat mild beer

Refreshing and aromatic

cerveza de Mallorca

Sullerica 1561

Bitter and with a character

Intense herbal flavour

100% craft beers made to enjoy

cerveza de Mallorca


Beer with orange blossom

Sullerica, a beer with orange blossom. The month of may is very special in our area when the blossoming orange trees fill the air of the valley with their fragrance. Fort this reason it seemed a good idea to capture some of this essence of Sóller in our beer. A beer with such a strong reminiscence to the valley of the oranges could not bear any other name than…. Sullerica, THE BEER OF SÓLLER


cerveza de Mallorca


Online shop

Now you can buy our four 100% handmade beers online. An easy way to have Sullerica anywhere in Spain.
  • Sullerica recepta original, a golden blond Ale, it has a fresh floral aroma.
  • Sullerica fosca, dark-brown ale, with cocoa-aroma and toasted flavour.
  • Sullerica blanca, wheat beer, very mild, refreshing and aromatic.
  • Sullerica 1561, IPA, bitter and with a strong character, intense herbal flavour.


cerveza de Mallorca


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